Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Newsletter

Seasons Greetings all!
We in the Larson household hope this letter finds you well. Reflecting back on 2009 it must be said that overall it has been a pretty eventful year for us. It started out slowly, as we waited with great anticipation for our first child to be born. But, eventually, the snow melted and with spring arrived Liam Evan Ryker Larson.
Our newest addition to the family was born on May 11th, 2009. We call him a Mother’s Day baby because I went into labor on Mother’s Day and we didn’t sleep until he was born. He showed up a day before our 2nd wedding anniversary. Needless to say, we didn’t do much to celebrate except sleep!
The summer months brought adventures. In addition to learning how to be new parents we journeyed near and far, with baby in tow. We discovered that Liam was the perfect traveler. About two weeks after he was born, a dear friend came to visit us all the way from Georgia. In the week she was here we went to the Bagby hot springs in the Mt. Hood National Forest and went to the Oregon Coast.
In June, we made our way to Ocean Shores, Washington to visit Sasa and Granddad(Liz’s parents). Liam attended his first parade and took his first canoe ride. Both of which he slept through.

Then, over Father’s Day weekend (Evan’s first) we went on a very special camping trip to the Redwoods in California. Grandpa Robin (Evan’s dad) was able to accompany us on that trip and we all had a wonderful time.
In July we attended the 95th Birthday celebration of Liam’s Great-Great Grandma Yoder. It was a fun day and we got some great generational pictures.
Also, in July we held Liam’s dedication ceremony at church.

During the hot summer months, (especially those days hitting over 100 degrees) we spent many afternoons down at the river staying cool until the sun went down. BBQ for dinner was often the case with friends and family coming over to hang out on the porch because it was just too hot inside!

For Evan’s 29th birthday we held a surprise pirate party. He had no idea and it was great fun to see his face when he walked in and everyone was dressed up.
After three months off work, I returned two days a week. It has been nice to get out of the house and have a little adult time. I appreciate my baby more and have more fun with him when I am home.
Evan has been working hard at Gunderson. He recently started a course which will allow him to take a national test and become a certified weld supervisor. I am very proud of him, taking on every new challenge as it has come along. Gunderson is currently working on the largest barge they have ever built since restarting the Marine Department in 1992. It is a hopper barge. Basically, it is like a giant double-hulled bathtub that will be filled with coal. It will take up the entire launchway (480 feet) when it is completed. We are looking forward to seeing it launched sometime in January. It will be quite a splash!
We recently started the long and complicated process of going to Papua New Guinea (PNG). As many of you know, we are planning on serving there for a period of four years, coming back to the states after that for a one year furlough. We are currently in the middle of the application process to become members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. We will be living in the town of Ukarumpa. Evan will be working in the machine shop there, basically maintaining and fixing anything mechanical. He will also be teaching national employees auto mechanics and welding. I will be a housewife and mom, not being assigned a permanent position until our child/ren (we hope to have more while in PNG) are in school. We are hoping to be able to leave for PNG by fall of 2010. However, with the many, many loose ends that must be tied we are just taking the process one day at a time.

As 2009 draws to a close, we look back on the year with fondness and joy at all the triumphs and goodness God has brought into our lives over the last 12 months. We are looking forward to celebrating Liam’s first snow and his first Christmas. We are also excited to see what new adventures God will bring our way in 2010.
Here’s wishing you and yours a happy and safe holiday season,The Larsons (Evan, Liz, and Liam)
PS The pictures wouldn't upload...if you want the picture version I can e-mail you.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

lots of good

So much wonderful news and fun things to report…they totally outweigh the negative things that are trying to work their way into the cracks of my soul.
Firstly, Robin is home from the hospital and miracleously healing well…with one minor setback when they removed his stitches (they sort of popped open but they are okay now). They ended up having to do surgery but after they scraped everything bad out he zoomed on to being better. I am so happy to have him home.

Second fantastic thing is my sister-in-law is pregnant! I am thrilled for them. I think they are going to be superb parents and I pray for an easy pregnancy and birth for her. The only thing that makes me sad is that while we will get to be here for the birth and the first few months of his/her life, we will be leaving shortly after that for PNG. Liam won’t remember his cousin very well and will be 5 by the time we come back!

My boss gave me a gift card to Target just because he thinks I am doing a good job. It makes me happy. Not only because I get to spend money at Target…I feel validated and want to do even better for him when shows his appreciation (and he does every day I work I get a thank you and lots of encouragement). I bought three movies I have wanted on DVD, new socks and booties for Liam, a set of Zebra print sheets for fun, and two pairs of knee high warm socks for winter.Liam is growing and doing all sorts of amazing things every day. He is starting to sit up well on his own, he loves his Johnny jump up and he is eating solid purees like a champ. I am going to start giving him more textured foods in the next week or so. He can also flip over both ways but he doesn’t do it too much. He is much more interested in trying to put everything is mouth. This activity includes trying to get his feet, anyone and everyone’s fingers, my glasses, and any small object he can hoist up there. If he can’t lift it to his mouth he bends to try and get it there, like the toy piano (which he LOVES banging away on) at grandma Debbie and grandpa Robin’s house.

Monday, September 21, 2009

can't sleep

I am having a difficult time sleeping. My mind is racing through all different things. Things that make sense, some that don’t, some that are terrible scenarios…I can’t shut it off, the only thing to do is to write and try to get it all down and then maybe I can get some sleep.
Robin, my father-in-law is in the hospital. He went in on Thursday night. I am very frightened, even though everyone else in the family seems to be taking this as something rather routine. In a way it is because of Robin’s crohn’s and his tendency to be hospitalized at least once a year. I am new to the family though and don’t see it as routine. Also, Richard, Evan’s brother is coming from Seattle this week. That makes me scared. Why would Richard be coming if it wasn’t serious?

The thing that makes me nervous is that this doesn’t have anything (as far as they can tell) to do with Robin’s illness. Initially they thought it was an infection caused by the needle from his prednisone shot nicking a nerve or something. Making his leg swell and become both numb and inflamed. Now, his leg is becoming almost unrecognizable, they have ruled out the shot as the culprit, still believe it is an infection but do not know the cause. Nor it seems how to stop it. They are taking blood draws about every hour, his blood is not clotting, he has been sent in for a second MRI.

I love Robin. He is, as Anne of Green Gables would say, a “kindred spirit”. He and I have been getting to know each other over the last couple of years and I enjoy him. He doesn’t always look on the bright side of life, but he most often is looking at the good in life. He is the person in Evan’s family that I most relate to and can speak freely with. I don’t feel overwhelmed by him, nor belittled. He makes me laugh and I think, in all honesty, he keeps my mother-in-law from becoming a complete recluse crazy cat/dog lady.

Robin’s sudden downturn is happening on the heels of Evan and I beginning in earnest to make the move to PNG. I think that it is part of Satan’s attempts to bring stress, doubt, anything bad into our lives right now. There have been other things happening recently that are (in our minds) also in line with this theory.

I was suffering from pretty bad paranoia (and thus interrupted sleep patterns) for about a week off and on. At first I just had these horrid feelings of being watched, of thinking someone was in the house. Then I was overwhelmed with the feeling that someone was going to try to kidnap Liam. I even resorted to at first locking his window and then bringing him into bed with me, because I couldn’t sleep after having these thoughts. Evan and I talked about it and I have been praying and that seems to be working…There are other things going on that I don’t really want to get into. Paramount on my mind is Robin and now that I have laid out my fear I think I can try and sleep now.

Monday, August 3, 2009

mental gymnastics

So I have been going through a lot mentally reason I guess that I am up at almost ten and I have to get up tomorrow morning at 3:30.

We are in the process of getting ready to go to PNG and I have been flipping back and forth between being very excited to go and almost dreading it, wanting to postpone another year....

I have these visions of community, warm nights sitting around a table playing games and talking with friends, riding a 4-wheeler to market, fresh fruit and veg, the amazing climate and culture. AND THEN I think about not being able to talk to my family and friends on the phone, let alone get in the car and go visit. I mean I was thinking about it today, Liam will be 5 years old before we come back! We will have to leave our pets, and we can't explain to them why we are leaving them...The seasons I will miss...4 years of no fall colors, no snow.

The other thing I have been going through is dealing with leaving Liam to go back to work one day a week. Last Wednesday was my first day back, the first time I left him for more than a 1/2 hour. I cried on the way into town. Once I got to work it was okay, but I am sort of dreading tomorrow. My second day. I know it is good for me and for him. But it still hurts.

Well, that is all off my chest. I guess I better try to sleep now.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

On the road to Papua New Guinea...

Well, we are officially starting the process of going to Papua New Guinea. We met with representatives from Wycliffe so they could make sure we weren't totally insane. We have received our applications, which we need to fill out by like August 10th or so...if we want to meet the deadline for "Equip" (which is the training program that is 6 weeks of online coursework and then a 2 week program in Orlando). At the end of which we will be official members of Wycliffe. After that we have to secure all of our support and Evan will quit his job. We will also have to get passports (well, renewed ones for Evan and me and a brand-new one for Liam) and visas.

Also, we will have to fugure out what we are going to do with the house. We will most likely try to rent it out for the four years we will be gone and then we come back on furlough we will maybe be able to sell it and get the house that we will be able to grow in. We will get a storage container and park in on our property or Justin's and pack up the house. Decide what we keep (AKA ship over to PNG), store, or get rid of. I think that will be hard for me. Of course the hardest thing will be leaving behind my family and friends. Also, we will have to leave behind the cats and Winston. Winston will be going to my in-laws and I am not sure where the cats will go. Maybe to Justin and Keauri's. I don't want to give them to strangers. We raised them from kittens feeding them milk with a syringe and I just can't bring myself to NEVER see them again. It is going to be hard enough to leave them and Winston for four years. They also trust us to come back even after a week or so...especially Winston. When we leave him at my in-laws he gets antsy for us after a couple of days. I can't imagine what's going to happen we leave and don't come back. It makes me sad just thinking about it.

As the reality of it all sinks in I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed and apprehensive. But I am talking with Evan and trying to keep everything in perspective and under check. I am also working on preparing myself in various ways so I won't feel like such a fish out of water. I am going to start peeling veggies with a knife as opposed to a peeler like the nationals do. Also, I am using the kids books that some friends sent us to start learning pidgeon. I also asked Evan to give me some excercises in pidgeon so I am can be already learning when we start the training course.

I am starting Jazzercise again so I am try and get fit-ish again. *Sigh*
Well, life is calling...I should go wake up Liam so he can eat. Evan is off with his dad for a few hours so I am going to spend time just vegging in front of the tv and doing little things like putting all the addresses in my address book and translating what I can from the pidgeon coloring book.

Monday, June 8, 2009

slowly adjusting

Well, Liam will be 1 month tomorrow. Amazing how fast and yet how slowly life has gone by since he was born. I have been doing my best to be a good mommy and I think I have done a pretty good job so far.

He went in for his first checkup and he was up to 7 lbs. 7 oz. which is great. It makes me happy to know he is definately getting enough to eat. I am also feeling pretty good myself as he has slept pretty solidly the last two nights. Which means he only woke up 2-3 times between 10 PM and 5 AM. I am happy about that.

Liam is a very good baby, he doesn't really fuss unless he really needs something and it doesn't take much to figure out what he needs. I still am often struck with how sereal the whole thing is though. I can't believe I am a mom, that he is really my baby and this is life now. I go between being totally content and sort of a panic. I am a mom now and all of my decisions and actions are based on this fact. I have to think about him before doing anything.

However because he is such a good baby I can go anywhere with him...I am going to a bridal shower today for instance and I don't have any issues with bringing the boy along...
Uh-oh I hear him starting to cry so I better go check on him.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's been a real long time. For a while I just stopped because there was nothing to write but that I was still pregnant and not very happy about it.

On Mother's Day I went into labor. I started having contractions in the morning but didn't really pay much attention because I had been having all those pre-labor contractions before without them doing jack. By the end of church though they were getting stronger and seemed to be have a peak and ebb. So after lunch I started timing them.

I timed them for an hour and they were between 8 and 6 minutes apart and lasting about a minute long. So we decided to go into the birthing center and get checked to see if anything was happening. Much to my surprise I was 60% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated. I was pretty cynical at that point that I was ever going to actually go into labor. They left it up to me as to whether I wanted to go home and labor for a while there or get admitted. Since I couldn't eat or anything after I got admitted and they didn't know how long it was going to take for me progress I decided to go home.

Well, we went home and had dinner but I just was getting more and more uncomfortable. I tried laying down. leaning over the bed with my back against the wall, but not much was helping to ease the pain. Only about an hour had past but the contractions started coming a lot faster (between 5 and 3 minutes) and they didn't ever really go away. Someone told me that in between contractions you feel like you can play basketball, but that never happened. We decided to go back because I didn't think I could go much more before I would be super uncomfortable for even the short 10 minute car ride. When we got there they checked me again and said that was almost to three centimeters and again it was up to me whether I wanted to be admitted. I kind of was surprised at that considering it had only been an hour. But I guess some women stay at 2 centimeters for a long time.

I decided that I wanted to stay at the hospital. My parents showed up and Keauri came down from Vernonia. I progressed quickly from 3 to 6 in about 2 hours and the from 6 to complete in about 2 hours. The labor was very intense and barely gave me time to rest. I can't believe those stories about women who SLEEP between contractions. I barely had time to relax my body. I tried using the soaking tub and the shower. Evan as super supportive as well as my parents and Keauri. The only time Evan left or had to take a break was when he got light-headed from trying to help me breath and when the put in my epidural.

I was really surprised my dad stayed through the whole thing. The only time he left was when I was getting into a new gown after the bath and shower and when I was getting my cervix checked. I threw up several times throughout. I guess that was just the way things were going to be, vomit at the beginning and at the end.

Sometime in-between 6 and 10 centimeters I decided I needed an epidural. I had tried the IV pain killer and that hadn't really done much. If I had known how long it was going to take to get everything ready I would have asked for one sooner. It took about a 1/2 hour to push the IV fluids and get Dr. Demaster there and set up. Just as he was finishing up I felt the urge to push so they checked me again and I was complete. But Dr. Neeld decided to let me rest for a while before backing off the meds and letting me push. That was good because it would have taken a lot longer if he hadn't let me do that. After I started I pushed for about 20 minutes and there he was! My beautiful boy!

Now we are home and it has been interesting. On Tuesday night, the first night at home I had a bit of a breakdown. But Evan and Keauri were here and helped and now we are doing okay. I am still learning how to breast-feed right and we are trying to get him to sleep more at night and less during the day. Last night was an experience. We had a bat fly into our room. I think the cat caught it and brought it in and then let it go. Evan got it out the back door early this morning when he got up for work.

He has been growing and changing so much and he is only about 2 weeks old! Evan is going to take next week off as a friend from out of state is coming in for a visit. It will be lots of fun! But I hear Liam getting ready to wake up so I should go and see if he is hungry. Also, fix myself some lunch while I have the chance.

Friday, May 1, 2009

biding my time

So, I am now officially in the waiting period of my pregnancy. I moved to my parents' house yesterday sans Evan. He will be following me on Saturday or Sunday barring a miracle (AKA I go into labor before then) and will commute to work from here until Liam is born.

Last night sucked. I was already kind of mad because the doctor told me that I was not anywhere near delivery and he also said that he couldn't tell me if Liam had dropped (basically my understanding of this is the baby moves lower in your pelvis and you can breath better and it means (with a first baby) typically that you will deliver within two weeks) because he didn't really know what the term meant and he said there was no correlation between "dropping" and when you deliver. BAH!

Anyway, so then of course I had to spend the night without Evan and that also sucked. I have only been away from him for a night a couple of times since we have been married and this will 4 days and 3 nights without him. I don't know how healthy it is going to be for me if they are all like last night, I couldn't get comfortable until like 10PM (I went to bed at 8) and then I kept waking up to pee and would have to start the process all over again. I am sure he slept fine though which is sort of the important thing right now since he is working and has to get up and drive to work at 4AM.

I was thinking I would like to go visit my brother and sister-in-law in Salem but I don't have a car I can drive here. My parents have stick-shifts and I can barely work those things. I don't think it would be good for me to be that stressed. I suppose there is a possibility I could borrow my grandma's car but I don't think I want to deal with that whole thing...

It is turning into a really nice day and exercise is suppose to be good for getting things moving delivery-wise so I may walk down to my sister-in-law's work and say hi. I am feeling very apathetic lately and I need to work on forcing myself out of the rut.

I wonder how my dog was without me...he did have Evan there though so he probably was just fine. Maybe he will lose a little weight since I won't be there to give him treats (I am a pushover with dogs). Though he isn't really overweight he is just a brick of muscle, which means it is kind of hard for me to walk him right now with my balance all off. He is fine going from the house to the pen in the yard but we can't go anywhere else unless Evan is walking him. Hopefully that will get better after Liam is born...because we will want to take walks with the stroller and it would be bad if he was yanking me and the stroller around...Of course Liam being Evan's son he will probably love it, like an amusement park ride.

Well, I think I am going to get some lunch and then I will maybe take that walk...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still pregnant...

I am officially at 37 weeks today. I am "in the zone" as they say...that is I am full-term even though it will be another 3 weeks before any intervention will be considered if I don't go into labor before then...

I am so over being pregnant. I hate the constant acid in my throat, not being able to sleep, wierd aches and pains, being tired practically all the time...I especially am tired of people telling me how tiny I am.

Look just because I didn't use my pregnancy as an excuse to sit on my butt and eat whatever I want and gain 60 pounds or whatever, doesn't mean there is anything wrong with me or my baby...back off! The fact that I was able to keep down food successfully is a big deal okay? The only good thing that has come from me being smaller is that it seems to have detered the belly gropers which is nice.

My mom came over last week and helped me get some things organized and she is coming back next week Monday thru Wednesday and then (provided I don't go into labor between now and then) I will go to McMinnville with her. I am a little nervous about living with my parents again. Hopefully it won't be for the whole two weeks we are planning on. Don't get me wrong. I love my parents, but you know the quote "you can never go home again"? Well, that is kind of true. After living away from home for several years now it is not exactly the most comfortable place to be for extended periods of time. Not that they will try to control like when I go to bed or something...not that it will really be an issue as I am pretty much exhausted by this time (9:30) at night anyway. It's hard to explain but...anyway...

I have stopped working so I have nothing much else to write about. My whole life is basically doing housework and watching movies or reading, waiting for Evan to get home. Sounds depressing I guess but I know soon enough it will be filled with many other things, which will be equally boring to most people...but I will blog about them nonetheless. Liam's first smile, grabbing things, giggling at himself in the mirror, whatever. I think one thing I am truely looking forward to is seeing Evan develop as a dad. He is so excited...

Anyway, I really am tired and so I am going to try and sleep. Evan is over at Justin's watching Sweeny Todd. I could only watch that once and I regret doing I am here...

Monday, April 6, 2009

little scare...welcome to the weekend

So, Liam wasn't moving very well for a few days (which probably wasn't even a noticeable difference under normal circumstances, but he has been so active since I started to feel him kick a few months ago I think I am overly sensitive to any change) and I was experiencing some abdominal pain so we called my doc and he told us to get it checked out. I even drank a soda to try and get him to move, which usually works fairly quickly. Nothing...

I cried and had a minor break-down after they told me to come in. I guess just hadn't really thought through the implications that would come racing through my mind if they actually told me to come in...Serves me right I suppose having said only the day before to Evan, "You know if I call, they will probably just be like, 'well you can come in if you want...' but I don't want the choice to be up to me. I want them to say 'Yes come in' or 'He is probably fine, no need to come in unless, A, B, or C happens'." SO...

Journey to St. Vincent's we did and after being hooked up to the fetal monitor of course he starts to move. His heartbeat is exactly where it normally is and they don't even pick up any contractions or anything. Welcome to the weekend. Great way to spend a Friday, but as the nurse said, and as Evan reassured me, it was the right thing to do.

Saturday and Sunday were much better days. Saturday it was a lovely breezy but sunny day and Evan wanted to get out of the house. So after a lesuirely breakfast we packed dog and food into the car and went off down the road. We stopped at an elk preserve and a pretty, tiny park with a waterfall. Then we discovered we were only about 20 miles from Astoria and Evan wanted to drive so we went to Astoria, got subway and walked around a little. Then we drove back and watched several episodes of Top Gear on his parents' DVR.

Sunday (today) we went to church, then we went and bought storage bins for Liam's clothes and our stuff that has been driving me crazy for months! YEA! I am hoping to have our room clean by the time Evan gets home from work tomorrow. We then had his parents over for the first BBQ of the season. YUM! It was a BEAUTIFUL day.

In other news I have discovered I have gained 5 lbs. Which is good I guess, since I hadn't gained anything for like a month and 1/2 and people were beginning to be concerned (mainly my parents). I have a doc appointment on the 13th and then I go once a week since I will be in 35th week this week...which means in a couple more weeks I will be FULL TERM! EEK! and Liam could come any day. I will be moving down to my parents' house like around the 25th.

Evan will come down with me after a few days. He is probably going to finish painting the interiors of the house. I am not suppose to know...his mom offered to do it as a surprise. I don't know if he decided not to try and keep it a secret or what but I didn't really need to pry to get it out of him...I think he figured it would be too hard to have to try and come up with a reason why he was staying a few extra days at the house when I went down the Mac. Also, as much as I love Debbie, Evan really needs to be here to do the paint with her, cuz she gets impatient with things like painting and the walls end up less than perfect which doesn't bother her but would drive Evan and me nuts. So...we will see. Now I am working on fighting insomnia. I guess I will try and read for a little while and see if that helps. I am glad I am not working tomorrow. Only 3 more weeks of that

Thursday, April 2, 2009

inching ever closer...

On Friday I will be 34 weeks...which means another 3 weeks and Liam will technically be full term. It also means that if he were to be born now by some fluke he would be fine...he would have to spend a little time in the neonatal unit but mostly he would be okay. Which makes me feel better especially because for the last couple of days a few funny things have happened that have made me a little nervous, but I think everything is really okay. I think he must be in the process of turning because I have had a lot of pressure on my pelvic bone and he has been moving a little less than normal. I have come to the conclusion he is going into lockdown.

My boss is finally posting for my replacement. I told him that I was going to make the week of the 20th my last week so he better get his butt in gear. Well, I really only told him the first part. He has been in serious denial that I am quiting but it is really getting to be a lot of effort for me to work all day with how early we have to get up to be there and also I am just really tired again. Liam has grown so much that I am once again very uncomfortable at night and have to get up to pee a lot. After Evan pays bills this week we are going in (probably next week) to babies-r-us and getting what we didn't get for our showers. Which is not a whole lot thankfully. Plus, the most expensive thing (the car seat/stroller set) we found on craigslist for over 50% less! I was so excited, it was even the color and everything that I wanted.
Anyway, I have worked the last three days in a row and am pretty beat. I think I am going to do to bed.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, I am really frustrated with Evan...but I think that he is just the target of everything because, well I guess there is a bunch of stuff that is somewhat related to him and are, in general, idiotic things that are irriating me. At the moment if Evan came home I would probably scream at him about all these things and then feel horrible because basically they are not his fault. Also, Evan has been working A TON...

There is:
The toilet that gets clogged every other day...
The garbage has not been taken to the curb (Evan's job) for two weeks now because I cannot remember to tell him and he doesn't bother to remember.
The ladder out back that I banged my knee on while taking out the dog
The dog hates to put on his harness because of the stupid spikes Evan put on it, but I have to put it on because I can't carry him anymore, so I have to struggle with him everytime I do.
My own body feels like crap all the time, maybe because of the mattress, maybe because of the food I am eating, or not eating, maybe because of not taking my meds as regularly as I should...

I am only writing this all out in the hopes that by the time Evan gets home I won't be so upset.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Down to two months...

Work has been picking up (three days a week instead of two) which is good. Evan has been scheduled for some overtime which means he will be sleeping on his off not much facetime for us but, you do what you gotta do. He will hopefully be able to take a few days off when Liam is born. Or maybe he will wait and take off the week when our friend Kristin will be in town (the last week of May). Or maybe he can do half and half. Anyway...I look forward to seeing him discover the joys and complexities of being a daddy.

On Saturday we went to McMinnville for our birthing class. It was interesting, it made me feel a little better about some things (like epidurals) that I wasn't really sure about. Also, I got a refresher of how the system when you get moved from room to room, how long a typical hospital stay is after the baby is born and all that. I even got some new ideas on what might work to help me get through labor. It was kind of funny getting to the class though, there was a mix-up with communication between the lady who scheduled the classes and the lady who taught and we ended up being the only people in the class! I guess for $105 a private class is worth it. But I felt kind of bad for the instructor having to come in on a day off...but then she gets paid I guess.

We have fallen behind of my goals of getting the house painted. I have modified the goal and now I just want to at least get Liam's room done by the end of April. Maybe the hallway if we are lucky. And if we get the kitchen/living room done than bully for us! My mom and I made plans for her to come and help me at the end of April before we move down there for waiting for Liam to arrive. She is going to help me organize the house a little better (mainly Liam's room and the files since we just got a filing cabinet finally!) before Liam arrives. I will also probably do my belly cast around then since I don't think I will get much bigger in-between the end of April and May 11th and I don't want to miss the oportunity. I mean I can't see myself going. "Oh crap I think I am having contractions, quick do the belly cast before my water breaks!"

The house is still kind of a mess from the shower, which was loads of fun, but I am taking it slow to get it all cleaned up. It helps Evan is very patient with living in such chaos (at least to me). We are just finishing off all the left-overs. Of course Debbie made too much food, but then she always does and that is okay because Evan loves left-overs in his lunch and I just have to throw stuff into bags or tupperware and it's done.

The sun is finally coming out again (though the forcast says rain this weekend) I am ready to be able to start hanging my washing on the line outside and basking in the summer sun. It will be great when Liam is born. I will be able to take his pack and play out or his swing and just hang out reading, playing with him and Winston or working in the yard. And we will get lots of time in the sun (with proper protection of course) and it will be wonderful. I am also looking forward to camping, boating, going to the beach, all the fun summer activities which will be so new and exciting to Liam. We are planning on going up to my parents' place in Washington for 4th of July which will be super fun with the fireworks! Anyway, my shoulders are starting to hurt from all this typing and I probably should go rescue Winston from the backyard. Evan will be home in about an hour and maybe we will go for a walk around the lake.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow again!

Garg...I was suppose to work today. It started snowing again last night and this morning we had three inches at our house. Evan couldn't get the car down the hill so he called his brother (who we were suppose to pick up) and asked if he needed to go...apparently he did so Evan walked down our hill to meet him (Justin also has chains for his car.) . I did not go because Evan decided that he didn't want me driving down I-5 to MY job if it was hazardous at all and even if it wasn't he thought it was a "unnecessary risk" for me to be in the car on 47 (our very twisty main road out) down to the highway.

Sort of sweet how he protects me like that...course it shoud be pointed out that if I wasn't pregnant with his son, he might not be quite so protective...but maybe not, maybe he would have said the same thing.

I kind of am mad I don't get to work though. On the other hand I slept pretty badly last night, I am losing my voice, my cough is getting worse and I have a very full weekend. So perhaps it is best that I didn't. I am trying to decide whether I will try and accomplish anything today or not. With the way I feel at the moment I sort of just want to spend the day curling up with my fuzzy robe, a cup of tea, a book and movies. Blah...but I still have mopping in the kitchen and living room, cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning our room to do before my baby shower on Sunday.

In the meantime, something a little less mundane...I keep having very weird, very vivid dreams. Which I think is more disturbing to my sleep than the having to get up and pee every few hours...of course it could be both.

Monday, February 23, 2009

getting closer...

Yesterday we got a crib for free from craigslist! Yea! I am quite excited because it is the first piece of major baby furniture we have gotten so far. I also bought a couple pairs of slip on shoes because it is getting difficult to bend over and tie tennis shoes.

I feel like I am almost ready for Liam to be born. Even though he has two and 1/2 more months to go before he is fully baked. I am getting very impatient, I have gained about 10 pounds and I am wondering how much more I am going to gain. I get tired really fast and all the muscles and tendons around my belly are stretching and driving me nuts. People keep telling me how good I look and how tiny I am but I feel big and lumbering. Oh well...

I will have my first shower this coming weekend and then we can totally start outfiting the nursery. That will be so thrilling...I will be able to go in and look at the crib and fold and refold and organize and reorganize his clothes and blankets. Rearrange all the toys...It will be SOOO fun!
But for now, it is a nice day outside and so Evan and I are going to the park to take pitcures and play with the dog before painting the hallway. We will have our bedroom and the hallway done for the shower, but not the nursery or the living room/kitchen or bathroom yet. We will do the nursery in March and HOPEFULLY the living room/kitchen in April. No idea when the bathroom will get done....sort of low priority right now...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Driving through feathers

This morning I took my niece and nephew to was snowing very lightly when we left and by the time I was heading home it was like driving through downy feathers. I didn't know it was suppose to snow again it was sort of unexpected and I hope it doesn't too much because next week I am scheduled to work a lot. Also, Evan does not have anymore vacation time so he has to work... is an update. The snow melted. Of course. Good...

I have been going to Jazzercise. Oh my. I have indeed moved to a small town. I have only been twice and am not very good and cannot do much as it makes my belly hurt after a little while. But I was shown yesterday how to do a lot of the moves sitting down so that should help.
Plus it's not sooo wierd. I mean they use modern rock and pop to dance to. Though the instructors are of course weirdly upbeat. The one yesterday kept going on about Dolly Parton.

I am very excited because I got to order my pregnancy pillow and my support belt yesterday. Wow, even as I was writing that I was struck by how lame that sounds but I am still excited. Because it means (hopefully) better nights for both me and Evan. Also, no more (or at least) limited back and ligiment pain.
I am getting to the point where my belly does not allow me to bend. I find this very inconvienent.
I went to the library a few days ago and got a bunch of new books. YEA! Unfortuately they only had one of the books that were recomended to me by my sister-in-law. It's a small town what can you do?

Tomorrow we are going to a sort of rememberance party for a friend who passed away last year. I am not sure how I feel. Evan says I should just go and not over-analyze it...not think about what to say or do as there is no "right" thing in these kind of situations.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby gender

I am just writing this to let everyone know what we found out and also to record my thoughts on the ultrasound visit. I don't want to forget this feeling of awe I still have even the morning after!

First off, for those who don't know...we are having a BOY! I admit I experienced a tiny twinge of disappointment when the tech told us (who knew my brother by the way...her name was Jamie?). But I am just fine now. I am just happy that she told us everything looked really good and very well developed. He is small right now but that is okay by me, I surely don't want to deliver a HUGE baby and he has got four more months to grow.

At first it was really hard to distinquish between what was the baby and what was uterus and whatnot, but we spent about a 1/2 hour there and by the end I could really tell where is little hands were and legs all tucked up. The clarity is really quite extrodinary. They have to take all sorts of measurements to determine that the baby is growing correctly and fast enough. Bones, brain, heart, all the internal organs they can get a clear shot of, so they know that his liver or something isn't wonky. So Evan and I got to enjoy a whole 1/2 hour of watching our boy float around and was just fantastic. We even got a whole roll of really good pictures of his profile and his foot, his hand, and of course his (at this point) little manhood. Actually the hand photo (which is Evan's favorite) is more of his fist punching me. But it is still cool and you can see all his little finger bones if you look carefully. I really like a particular profile shot because you can see his spine very clearly.

The tech tried to get a 3-D shot but he does not have enough fat under his skin, he just looked like a shriveled old man. And he kept turning away from the camera so we couldn't get a real clear face shot. But I did see him blink at us once. He also did the most adorable thing(here I go into mommy mode "my child is so cute...blah, blah" and he's not even BORN!)...he kept grabbing his ears, which is something I do as a nervous habit, tugging on my ears. You really got a sense of his little personality. I kept saying he was being stubborn, because he kept moving away and wedging himself way down which made it hard for the tech to get clear head shots.

It was so...just...I can't even think of the right adjective to describe when she zoomed in and watched his heart beat with all the tiny chambers! We even got to hear it twice. I was almost crying I was so thrilled, my face hurt for smiling because I was trying not to laugh. I just look at the pictures and want to hold him and touch him and kiss him RIGHT NOW! But I have to wait four more months...alas...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Frustrations and nausea...

So...I am still getting sick (though certainly not as frequently or as violently not) and now there are these little frustrations I am dealing with.

There are the pregnancy frustrations:
1. Still sick (as mentioned)
2. feeling fat, not cute and pregnant...just heavy
3. no energy burst like people keep telling me you get in the second trimester

Other frustrations:
1. Stupid medical people not being able to get their books right so they are sending "collections" after us...
2. Not working but no energy to get the house in order
3. organization issues... to lay down now.