Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby names

As the time for us to find out our baby's gender approaches (granted it’s about two months away still but whatever.) we have been working on narrowing down names. So far we have picked a name for if baby is a girl...
Are you ready?

Drum-roll please......

(photo of what a 14 week old baby looks like (where I am approx. in my pregnancy)

Zoe Caitlin Larson

As for a boy name we have narrowed the ones we like down to these 16. You will notice hubby’s name on the list, we were thinking of using it for a middle name. Obviously this won’t work if we choose for instance Ian as a first Ian Evan is just asking for painful playground memories. Personally I really like Liam, Ezra and Demitri. Cast your vote! Or at least offer an opinion…or whatever...of course we will make the ultimate decision but I thought I’d let people in on what was up with us in babyworld.
1. Brennan
2. Caden
3. Quirin
4. Demitri
5. Elisha
6. Evan
7. Ezra
8. Ian
9. Jacob
10. Julian
11. Landon
12. Lincoln
13. Liam
14. Jeremiah
15. Ronan
16. Ryker