Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas time

I simply adore Christmas. The snow, the music (well some of it is obnoxious but a lot of it is very beautiful and joyous), the decorations the whole bit. I especially love the presents...NOT just getting them, although to be truthful I do like that part too, but I LOVE giving them. I think it is my primary "love language".

Speaking of snow it is suppose to get in the teens temp. wise tonight and all this since we are in the coast range we may actually get snow. Evan is suppose to work on Saturday and Keauri and I are suppose to go into Mac. That may not happen if it snows hard.

We put up decorations before Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law was so excited, she said "oh a woman after my own heart". Actually she and a friend ended up doing most of the decorating because on the day we were going to do it, my baby decided to shift and sit on my sciatica nerve so I basically could barely move.

I have been slowly buying presents. We have been low on money as we had some unexpected bills this month. But we came out okay because even though I didn't work for the last two weeks, Evan got a bonus at work, so we came out where we normally do.

We went in to the doctor yesterday for our monthly checkup. The baby's heartbeat was at 140. Which is right smack-dab in the middle of normal range. It is being ambiguous to the end. Apparently depending on whether the heartbeat is slow or fast you can tell the sex. But we have only four more weeks and we will find out with our ultrasound. So that is okay.

I have been debating back and forth about cloth diapers versus disposable. And I think I have decided to mostly use cloth but have the disposable on hand for when I want to use them. Like if we are going somewhere I don't want to have to carry around stinky cloth ones until we get home. I am also working on finding a family doctor. I think I am going to call the local one. Keauri says she is good.