Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, I am really frustrated with Evan...but I think that he is just the target of everything because, well I guess there is a bunch of stuff that is somewhat related to him and are, in general, idiotic things that are irriating me. At the moment if Evan came home I would probably scream at him about all these things and then feel horrible because basically they are not his fault. Also, Evan has been working A TON...

There is:
The toilet that gets clogged every other day...
The garbage has not been taken to the curb (Evan's job) for two weeks now because I cannot remember to tell him and he doesn't bother to remember.
The ladder out back that I banged my knee on while taking out the dog
The dog hates to put on his harness because of the stupid spikes Evan put on it, but I have to put it on because I can't carry him anymore, so I have to struggle with him everytime I do.
My own body feels like crap all the time, maybe because of the mattress, maybe because of the food I am eating, or not eating, maybe because of not taking my meds as regularly as I should...

I am only writing this all out in the hopes that by the time Evan gets home I won't be so upset.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Down to two months...

Work has been picking up (three days a week instead of two) which is good. Evan has been scheduled for some overtime which means he will be sleeping on his off not much facetime for us but, you do what you gotta do. He will hopefully be able to take a few days off when Liam is born. Or maybe he will wait and take off the week when our friend Kristin will be in town (the last week of May). Or maybe he can do half and half. Anyway...I look forward to seeing him discover the joys and complexities of being a daddy.

On Saturday we went to McMinnville for our birthing class. It was interesting, it made me feel a little better about some things (like epidurals) that I wasn't really sure about. Also, I got a refresher of how the system when you get moved from room to room, how long a typical hospital stay is after the baby is born and all that. I even got some new ideas on what might work to help me get through labor. It was kind of funny getting to the class though, there was a mix-up with communication between the lady who scheduled the classes and the lady who taught and we ended up being the only people in the class! I guess for $105 a private class is worth it. But I felt kind of bad for the instructor having to come in on a day off...but then she gets paid I guess.

We have fallen behind of my goals of getting the house painted. I have modified the goal and now I just want to at least get Liam's room done by the end of April. Maybe the hallway if we are lucky. And if we get the kitchen/living room done than bully for us! My mom and I made plans for her to come and help me at the end of April before we move down there for waiting for Liam to arrive. She is going to help me organize the house a little better (mainly Liam's room and the files since we just got a filing cabinet finally!) before Liam arrives. I will also probably do my belly cast around then since I don't think I will get much bigger in-between the end of April and May 11th and I don't want to miss the oportunity. I mean I can't see myself going. "Oh crap I think I am having contractions, quick do the belly cast before my water breaks!"

The house is still kind of a mess from the shower, which was loads of fun, but I am taking it slow to get it all cleaned up. It helps Evan is very patient with living in such chaos (at least to me). We are just finishing off all the left-overs. Of course Debbie made too much food, but then she always does and that is okay because Evan loves left-overs in his lunch and I just have to throw stuff into bags or tupperware and it's done.

The sun is finally coming out again (though the forcast says rain this weekend) I am ready to be able to start hanging my washing on the line outside and basking in the summer sun. It will be great when Liam is born. I will be able to take his pack and play out or his swing and just hang out reading, playing with him and Winston or working in the yard. And we will get lots of time in the sun (with proper protection of course) and it will be wonderful. I am also looking forward to camping, boating, going to the beach, all the fun summer activities which will be so new and exciting to Liam. We are planning on going up to my parents' place in Washington for 4th of July which will be super fun with the fireworks! Anyway, my shoulders are starting to hurt from all this typing and I probably should go rescue Winston from the backyard. Evan will be home in about an hour and maybe we will go for a walk around the lake.