Friday, August 22, 2008

Our new home...

I feel it is only appropriate that at the beginning of a shiny new blog about me and my sweet hubby I should begin with a post about the house we just moved into. It is our first home and it is very exciting. Of course it is not perfect, as nothing is and most first homes (unless you are really rich) are bound not to be. The man who updated the majority of the interior accomplished one thing. Surface good looks. Not to say that it is not solid, as it is a well-built home from the 1920's it would be hard for him to screw it up in that respect. However, while he clearly tried very hard, he didn't know much about construction. Or installation (which I guess is technically part of construction). Every single doorjam (I think this is word, yes?) has either broken off completely or has cracked. Because (silly us) we open and shut our doors. This is largely because the pieces that were installed were not the right kind. They are to thick. We believe they are trim. SO. That is something that will eventually be replaced.

There are of course other things that need to be done before winter as it does rain and snow an aweful lot here. Such as the flashing on the roof of the garage needs to be properly installed and a gutter or eve put in. As it is the water runs right down the front and is seeping into the siding causing it to rot, as there is not z-strip either.

Perhaps I am getting too technical and boring (YES! You yawningly yawningly a word?) So I move on...

Overall it is an adorable 2 bedroom tiny house. A great starter. It has a nice little porch on the front which we plan to expand and a good size yard. Our new dog Winston (a black pug) enjoys running around in it very much.

We will have to fence it soon though, as Winston has taken to wandering and it is getting rather old having to stand out there with a leash watching him poop (Too much information perhaps?).

Our two cats have been enjoying being outside immensely, so much so that one (Catia, our calico) went walk-about for 4 days. I thought she was never coming back, but, after many tears had been shed on her account. She reappeared. And though they both do leave the property now, they both come back. They favor the round-back chair in the living room when it rains. They are tolerating Winston.

In other news, since the closing costs were lower than we anticipated we are going to be able to pay off two of my school loans. Bringing the grand total down to about $18,000. Wooohoo! We are slowly but surely accomplishing our goals so we can go to Papua New Guinea and join our friends (well, Evan's friends and hopefully my friends too...otherwise it will be awkward) Andrew and Claire (and by the time we get there Baby Koens...).

Speaking of procreation. That is another of our goals (how sterile to speak of it that way but there you are...) we are attempting to accomplish now that we are in a house. The beginning of our own family.

Well...perhaps that is enough for everyone to chew on for now...I am still sleepy (after seeing Evan off to work a 1/2 hour ago) so I am going back to bed. Nighty-night all.