Thursday, September 23, 2010

August/September Update

I can’t believe we are already almost through September and I have not posted an August update. My apologies for such a late post. I hope this will suffice for an August and September.

Evan’s 30th birthday came and went with lots of joking about being old, and not being able to trust himself anymore.

We had a great time camping, lots of great memories…even though Liam decided to have a head-on meeting with a large rock. He quite enjoyed wandering around the campground collecting sticks and playing in the dirt. He also like feeding the chipmunks and climbing in and out of the tent.

The biggest news is that we are expecting our second child due on March 29th! So far the pregnancy has been MUCH better than when I was pregnant with Liam. I am grateful I am not very sick because we have had lots to do these last two months.

We have started and are nearing completion of the online portion of our online training course (Equip). It has been quite difficult to keep up, but the information is good and we are learning a lot. Evan is still working full-time and I am working part-time sitting for friends’ children. Also, we have been working hard at some other things, as you will read about below. We will be leaving to go to Orlando for the onsite portion on October 6th. We are flying in early and having a bit of a (much needed) family vacation. We will be there until October 22nd.

We are also part of a team leading a class at church called ALPHA. It is class for those who are enquiring into Christianity, those who are Christians who wish to ask questions or deepen their faith. It consists of getting together once a week, having dinner together, watching a DVD and then having discussion time in small groups. Any question can be asked. Ours is being conducted at Sunset Covenant on Monday nights from 6:30-8:30PM. Other area churches are also hosting classes currently or in the near future. If you live in the Portland Metro area you may have seen bus signs or billboards advertising the class.

Finally, right before we leave for Orlando, on October 2nd from 6:30-9 we are having our “Things, Stuff and Whatnot” Auction at our church. It is adults only and we are having Posh Sweets provide a decadent dessert bar. We will be speaking a little on our mission. So, in preparation for that we have been gathering items (over 40!) and getting them ready for sale (i.e. putting tags, getting a list ready for our auctioneer, arranging for set-up and the crew to manage it all).

I am looking forward to the coolness of fall, and hopefully some calmness will come with it. I am excited (as ever) for Thanksgiving and especially Christmas. I will sign off now and hoping this finds you all well.

Prayer requests this month:
1. That our auction goes well.
2. That we have a safe trip to, during and coming home from Equip.
3. That opportunities continue to open to us for speaking and PD (partnership development).