Thursday, August 5, 2010

July Update

Reflecting back on the month of July I am amazed by what has been accomplished. We had our first successful fundraiser (Our Pie Auction, hosted by Sunset Covenant Church (our home church)) on July 17th. We raised a whopping $1,285! Thank you so much to everyone who baked pies, helped set-up, take-down, cooked, and of course bought pies! A special thank you to our pastor, Paul Burdick, for serving as auctioneer. You did a wonderful job!

However, I feel some trepidation about what is to come. I sort of feel like we, Evan, me and Liam are on a roller coaster. We have just been locked in and now we are going up, and up…clicking away to the top. The top I think being our trip to Orlando in October for our first round of training with Wycliffe (AKA “Equip”). However, I can’t focus too much on the future, even if it is looming on the horizon. We have lots of things upcoming to celebrate and plan…

Evan turns 30 today We will also be joining family for the annual Larson get-together at the end of the month. In the meantime we will be spending the next two months participating in the online portion of Equip. Lots and lots of reading.

Additionally we will be putting together the final arrangements for our next fundraiser. We are shooting for October 2nd. It will be a “Things, Stuff and Whatnot” Auction. It is shaping up to be a spectacular event (thanks to help from mother-in-law Debbie and Aunts Dondi and Diane)! If you are interested in donating time, items, want to attend, or just want more info…. Please do drop us a line:

As the summer nears its end (I can hardly believe it) we are finally going camping. I am looking forward to a relaxing time and recharge the batteries and enjoy the lovely Pacific Northwest.

In closing things to keep in prayer for us:
Continued success in our support fundraising.Continued wisdom on our house issue…it seems to be getting resolved but it is early days yet.