Sunday, October 18, 2009

lots of good

So much wonderful news and fun things to report…they totally outweigh the negative things that are trying to work their way into the cracks of my soul.
Firstly, Robin is home from the hospital and miracleously healing well…with one minor setback when they removed his stitches (they sort of popped open but they are okay now). They ended up having to do surgery but after they scraped everything bad out he zoomed on to being better. I am so happy to have him home.

Second fantastic thing is my sister-in-law is pregnant! I am thrilled for them. I think they are going to be superb parents and I pray for an easy pregnancy and birth for her. The only thing that makes me sad is that while we will get to be here for the birth and the first few months of his/her life, we will be leaving shortly after that for PNG. Liam won’t remember his cousin very well and will be 5 by the time we come back!

My boss gave me a gift card to Target just because he thinks I am doing a good job. It makes me happy. Not only because I get to spend money at Target…I feel validated and want to do even better for him when shows his appreciation (and he does every day I work I get a thank you and lots of encouragement). I bought three movies I have wanted on DVD, new socks and booties for Liam, a set of Zebra print sheets for fun, and two pairs of knee high warm socks for winter.Liam is growing and doing all sorts of amazing things every day. He is starting to sit up well on his own, he loves his Johnny jump up and he is eating solid purees like a champ. I am going to start giving him more textured foods in the next week or so. He can also flip over both ways but he doesn’t do it too much. He is much more interested in trying to put everything is mouth. This activity includes trying to get his feet, anyone and everyone’s fingers, my glasses, and any small object he can hoist up there. If he can’t lift it to his mouth he bends to try and get it there, like the toy piano (which he LOVES banging away on) at grandma Debbie and grandpa Robin’s house.