Monday, April 6, 2009

little scare...welcome to the weekend

So, Liam wasn't moving very well for a few days (which probably wasn't even a noticeable difference under normal circumstances, but he has been so active since I started to feel him kick a few months ago I think I am overly sensitive to any change) and I was experiencing some abdominal pain so we called my doc and he told us to get it checked out. I even drank a soda to try and get him to move, which usually works fairly quickly. Nothing...

I cried and had a minor break-down after they told me to come in. I guess just hadn't really thought through the implications that would come racing through my mind if they actually told me to come in...Serves me right I suppose having said only the day before to Evan, "You know if I call, they will probably just be like, 'well you can come in if you want...' but I don't want the choice to be up to me. I want them to say 'Yes come in' or 'He is probably fine, no need to come in unless, A, B, or C happens'." SO...

Journey to St. Vincent's we did and after being hooked up to the fetal monitor of course he starts to move. His heartbeat is exactly where it normally is and they don't even pick up any contractions or anything. Welcome to the weekend. Great way to spend a Friday, but as the nurse said, and as Evan reassured me, it was the right thing to do.

Saturday and Sunday were much better days. Saturday it was a lovely breezy but sunny day and Evan wanted to get out of the house. So after a lesuirely breakfast we packed dog and food into the car and went off down the road. We stopped at an elk preserve and a pretty, tiny park with a waterfall. Then we discovered we were only about 20 miles from Astoria and Evan wanted to drive so we went to Astoria, got subway and walked around a little. Then we drove back and watched several episodes of Top Gear on his parents' DVR.

Sunday (today) we went to church, then we went and bought storage bins for Liam's clothes and our stuff that has been driving me crazy for months! YEA! I am hoping to have our room clean by the time Evan gets home from work tomorrow. We then had his parents over for the first BBQ of the season. YUM! It was a BEAUTIFUL day.

In other news I have discovered I have gained 5 lbs. Which is good I guess, since I hadn't gained anything for like a month and 1/2 and people were beginning to be concerned (mainly my parents). I have a doc appointment on the 13th and then I go once a week since I will be in 35th week this week...which means in a couple more weeks I will be FULL TERM! EEK! and Liam could come any day. I will be moving down to my parents' house like around the 25th.

Evan will come down with me after a few days. He is probably going to finish painting the interiors of the house. I am not suppose to know...his mom offered to do it as a surprise. I don't know if he decided not to try and keep it a secret or what but I didn't really need to pry to get it out of him...I think he figured it would be too hard to have to try and come up with a reason why he was staying a few extra days at the house when I went down the Mac. Also, as much as I love Debbie, Evan really needs to be here to do the paint with her, cuz she gets impatient with things like painting and the walls end up less than perfect which doesn't bother her but would drive Evan and me nuts. So...we will see. Now I am working on fighting insomnia. I guess I will try and read for a little while and see if that helps. I am glad I am not working tomorrow. Only 3 more weeks of that

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