Thursday, April 2, 2009

inching ever closer...

On Friday I will be 34 weeks...which means another 3 weeks and Liam will technically be full term. It also means that if he were to be born now by some fluke he would be fine...he would have to spend a little time in the neonatal unit but mostly he would be okay. Which makes me feel better especially because for the last couple of days a few funny things have happened that have made me a little nervous, but I think everything is really okay. I think he must be in the process of turning because I have had a lot of pressure on my pelvic bone and he has been moving a little less than normal. I have come to the conclusion he is going into lockdown.

My boss is finally posting for my replacement. I told him that I was going to make the week of the 20th my last week so he better get his butt in gear. Well, I really only told him the first part. He has been in serious denial that I am quiting but it is really getting to be a lot of effort for me to work all day with how early we have to get up to be there and also I am just really tired again. Liam has grown so much that I am once again very uncomfortable at night and have to get up to pee a lot. After Evan pays bills this week we are going in (probably next week) to babies-r-us and getting what we didn't get for our showers. Which is not a whole lot thankfully. Plus, the most expensive thing (the car seat/stroller set) we found on craigslist for over 50% less! I was so excited, it was even the color and everything that I wanted.
Anyway, I have worked the last three days in a row and am pretty beat. I think I am going to do to bed.

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