Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow again!

Garg...I was suppose to work today. It started snowing again last night and this morning we had three inches at our house. Evan couldn't get the car down the hill so he called his brother (who we were suppose to pick up) and asked if he needed to go...apparently he did so Evan walked down our hill to meet him (Justin also has chains for his car.) . I did not go because Evan decided that he didn't want me driving down I-5 to MY job if it was hazardous at all and even if it wasn't he thought it was a "unnecessary risk" for me to be in the car on 47 (our very twisty main road out) down to the highway.

Sort of sweet how he protects me like that...course it shoud be pointed out that if I wasn't pregnant with his son, he might not be quite so protective...but maybe not, maybe he would have said the same thing.

I kind of am mad I don't get to work though. On the other hand I slept pretty badly last night, I am losing my voice, my cough is getting worse and I have a very full weekend. So perhaps it is best that I didn't. I am trying to decide whether I will try and accomplish anything today or not. With the way I feel at the moment I sort of just want to spend the day curling up with my fuzzy robe, a cup of tea, a book and movies. Blah...but I still have mopping in the kitchen and living room, cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning our room to do before my baby shower on Sunday.

In the meantime, something a little less mundane...I keep having very weird, very vivid dreams. Which I think is more disturbing to my sleep than the having to get up and pee every few hours...of course it could be both.

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