Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby gender

I am just writing this to let everyone know what we found out and also to record my thoughts on the ultrasound visit. I don't want to forget this feeling of awe I still have even the morning after!

First off, for those who don't know...we are having a BOY! I admit I experienced a tiny twinge of disappointment when the tech told us (who knew my brother by the way...her name was Jamie?). But I am just fine now. I am just happy that she told us everything looked really good and very well developed. He is small right now but that is okay by me, I surely don't want to deliver a HUGE baby and he has got four more months to grow.

At first it was really hard to distinquish between what was the baby and what was uterus and whatnot, but we spent about a 1/2 hour there and by the end I could really tell where is little hands were and legs all tucked up. The clarity is really quite extrodinary. They have to take all sorts of measurements to determine that the baby is growing correctly and fast enough. Bones, brain, heart, all the internal organs they can get a clear shot of, so they know that his liver or something isn't wonky. So Evan and I got to enjoy a whole 1/2 hour of watching our boy float around and was just fantastic. We even got a whole roll of really good pictures of his profile and his foot, his hand, and of course his (at this point) little manhood. Actually the hand photo (which is Evan's favorite) is more of his fist punching me. But it is still cool and you can see all his little finger bones if you look carefully. I really like a particular profile shot because you can see his spine very clearly.

The tech tried to get a 3-D shot but he does not have enough fat under his skin, he just looked like a shriveled old man. And he kept turning away from the camera so we couldn't get a real clear face shot. But I did see him blink at us once. He also did the most adorable thing(here I go into mommy mode "my child is so cute...blah, blah" and he's not even BORN!)...he kept grabbing his ears, which is something I do as a nervous habit, tugging on my ears. You really got a sense of his little personality. I kept saying he was being stubborn, because he kept moving away and wedging himself way down which made it hard for the tech to get clear head shots.

It was so...just...I can't even think of the right adjective to describe when she zoomed in and watched his heart beat with all the tiny chambers! We even got to hear it twice. I was almost crying I was so thrilled, my face hurt for smiling because I was trying not to laugh. I just look at the pictures and want to hold him and touch him and kiss him RIGHT NOW! But I have to wait four more months...alas...

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