Friday, September 19, 2014

Positive, positive, positive

After my last posting I felt the need to focus on some of the very positive and wonderful things about living here in PNG.

1.   Friends: Both for the boys and for Evan and I. We have settled into Ukarumpa life and have a close-knit network of some incredible friends who have become like family.
Miss Alice our regular babysitter and our friend with granddaughter Liz
"Aunt" Jessica and "Aunt"Narelle

Andrew Kwimberri



2.       The wondrous and diverse creation of God: We have enjoyed hikes, swimming, snorkeling, off-road motorcycling (even we are on the road it qualifies as off-road as there is little pavement.), and observing wildlife of varied kinds, amongst other things since we arrived in-country.

3.       Seeing and contributing to the effort of getting God’s word into the hands of people, in their heart language for the first time. Looking forward to our first ever Bible dedication on the 27th of September. Pictures and blog to follow!

4.       Fresh veggies and Fruit. Our local market supplied from villages surrounding us offers a plethora of yummy and diverse foods year-round.

I am grateful to God who chose this path for our lives. Thanks to my parents for some of these pictures.

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