Sunday, October 28, 2012

So long, so late...

I have been trying to blog for the months we have been here. Every time I sit to write I am stymied. Overwhelmed by it all and find I can only write stilted sentences which I have no mind to publish to the web. So, finally, here we are; four months here and the 2nd blog entry.

*Side note: It has been about two weeks since I started writing this and the following blog. I am hoping to follow these two with at least one more current entry.

What finally prompted and/or enabled me? I don’t know. But I lay awake last night ---early this morning, I knew sleep would not come until I let something out. So, upstairs I went to jot down my thoughts on paper. No computer at the moment. To be typed when I could and sent when I could.

In brief here are some things that have happened, have profoundly affected me, or just propelled our family forward one way or another.

1. Moving to Papua New Guinea. The Boys flopped back and forth between being astoundingly adjusted being totally and legitimately overwhelmed. As I was. I responded by getting a bit over my head in work. Stepped back and tried to be the mom and wife I am called to be. It has been going much better since then.

2. Joining a Bible Study. It is the first Bible Study we have been in together since we were married (not including Sunday morning study). Both Evan and I have been blessed beyond measure by our friends within this Wednesday night group (and outside the group, but that’s another story) and I think I will be forever grateful to Michelle and Jim for inviting us to join. The group has been a rock in so many ways for us.

3. Our friends. In Bible Study and out we have enjoyed the benefits of a close-knit community. We have met and begun to cultivate friendships with so many interesting and Godly people. We are joyful to God for this. Our newest friendship is with our new neighbors since we moved into our very own home a few weeks ago. Having them be who they are is surely Providence. It has been such a wonderful thing to have playmates for the boys; including a caring "big brother" for Liam. To have a fellow mom who lets me come and relax in her house and chat is great too! Mandy has shown true hospitality to me and has been a great support. I hope I have been the same to her even in small way.

Generosity of spirit is evident in many of our friends. From borrowing appliances, to borrowed time on a computer, to watching our kids, we have been provided for. We love the friends we have here in Ukarumpa.

4. My job. I work at the High School Library two shifts a week. It has allowed me to keep loving me job at home. Plus, it has been fun! It is an interesting and uplifting experience working with kids who for the most part are polite, respectful, kind, and make me laugh. I also have enjoyed getting to know the other ladies I work with (albeit mostly through our notebook of communiques).

I am allowed creativity on the table displays, coming up with ways to engage the students with reading. And I have access to free books! Who could ask for anything more?

A recent 6th grade research project allowed me to get a glimpse into what teaching could be like here and it excited me! But for now I am content being aide to the students in the library.

5. Our new house. I already mentioned the blessing on one of our new neighbors. We are also so happy to have friends on the other side as well as just over the hill (a two minute walk across a playground from out house) to even more friends! The freedom from mesquitos here on the hill with delicious breezes has been a welcome relief. Though we have to stay more on top of Liam’s grass allergies and such as he spends most of the time out of doors and it is quite a walk anywhere; we are so happy to have a place of our own where the boys can feel secure and settled. Us too! We really feel God choose this house for us.

We had a wonderful Saturday recently where friends came and filled our home with joy, laughter, prayers and good food! Now the last step is finally getting all our crates delivered and unpacked. I am hoping the last of this will happen before Thanksgiving.

Of course living here has not been all sunshine and love. I have decided to create a second blog entry to continue this – As this one is already quite long.

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