Saturday, March 20, 2010

Papua New Guinea HO!

Okay, so it is still a long way off...but we are a lot closer now that we have been officially approved for membership to Wycliffe!

Now the long process begins of going through all sorts of things...

1. Medical exams

2. decide on a budget - Evan and I have already done this basically but will have to discuss it with our Wycliffe rep.

3. Do online Equip course

4. Go to Orlando for the onsite part of Equip

5. Fundraising - We have started working on ideas and putting things in place for this (we are anticipating this going very quickly)

6. Passports renewed (or get one in Liam's case), visas and tickets

8. Rent house (this may be the hardest thing to do) and pack. Also, ship anything we want to go to PNG ahead of us to JAARS.

9. Cross-cultural training/job training (this will be for 3 months in Waxhaw, North Carolina.)

10.With our departure schedule for January of 2012.

We are hoping to get there sooner but it will be okay if not. We are still working on having our second kid before we leave, but we may need to adjust that if we get things done sooner...

We will see! God is in everything and he has a plan, even if we don't always know why. I am really happy to finally be getting to the point where we aren't just waiting around. I enjoy having a job...AKA organizing our fundraising efforts and working on support letters and powerpoints.

As I sign off, I leave you with some pictures of what we are working towards.

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