Friday, October 31, 2008


I am officially 3 months pregnant. My waist is "thickening" as the pregnancy books and websites say. However, I sadly do not possess the "bump" which is what I really want. Tomorrow I think I am going to buy what is called a "bellyband". Basically it is stretchy material that fits around the top of your pants to hold them up if you can't button them all the way with comfort. They hold your pants up so you don't have to buy maternity clothes that you will just grow out of in a month or two. Cuz those buggers are expensive!

My back is killing me and I am not sure if it is something I did or if it is the baby shifting and my womb expanding. Anyway, it kind os sucks. But all part of the experience yeah? I can't wait until December...for one thing it will be Christmas and I can decorate (yea!) AND we will go in for our second ultrasound, which means we get to find out the gender! Woohoo!

Okay. Enough from me. Time to lay down with the heating pad again.

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